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((This is a backup of an ancient LJ roleplay journal, don't expect activity here.))

Character name: Robin (Dick Grayson)
Series/Fandom source:Teen Titans (television series; additionally, The Lost Episode and the movie Teen Titans: Trouble in Tokyo)
Point at which taken from source: Shortly after Trouble in Tokyo

Age: Unknown, approximately 14-16.
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Blood type: A+
Allergies: None
Average daily food consumption (in food units): 1

Appearance: Robin is ~ 4’11’’ (~ 5’1’’ with the hair XD;); well-muscled from training, he is compact and wiry rather than short and thin. He is Caucasian with black hair, which he gels into spikes. Under the mask his eyes are blue, and under his clothes his skin is scarred, but he rarely takes the costume off, and certainly not where anyone could see. His habitual Robin costume comprises a black domino mask with opaque, white lenses; a red shirt with short, green sleeves, yellow laces at the chest, and a yellow and black “R” patch on the left breast; green tights; green, elbow-length gloves; a mid-length cape, black on the exterior and yellow on the inner lining, made of high-density polymerized titanium (10x stronger than steel and protects him from fire, etc.); a yellow utility belt; and black, steel-tipped boots.

Personality: Robin is not a saint, not by a long shot. When it comes to the Job, Robin leans heavily towards obsession, often shoving aside food, sleep, recreation, and relationships in favor of research and following leads. This obsession sometimes brings him perilously close to crossing the line, and he has occasionally compromised his morals in the pursuit of a criminal. He has a quick temper; he can become vicious when angered, and, like Batman, frequently employs intimidation as an interrogation technique. He is sensitive about being condescended to; one sure way to raise his temper is to not take him seriously because of his age. Robin is impatient, and a bit of a control freak; he hates being out of the action. He is cocky, sarcastic, and waaaay over-competitive. He is also extremely hard on himself, and is prone to guilt and self-abuse when he makes a mistake. He can be paranoid and has major trust issues; he often keeps vital secrets from his close friends and has difficulty discussing his emotions and personal issues with others.

When it comes right down to it, though, Robin is straight up just a good person and a really nice guy. He has all the personality traits you might expect in a hero: he is courageous to the point of fearlessness, has a strong sense of justice, morals, and responsibility, and never hesitates to put himself at risk to protect others, whether they’re a civilian or a friend. He is endlessly optimistic and determined with a never-give-up, never-surrender attitude; he will keep trying and continue to fight, even when all odds are against him. Robin is a good, loyal, and caring friend, and he is very sensitive to other people’s emotions. He is usually the first to notice when one of his friends is having a problem, and he is quick seek them out, talk to them, and see if he can help. He usually can, too.

Robin takes his job very seriously, and it shows even when he’s not actively chasing criminals. He is a bit of a geek, and enjoys research and tinkering with technology. He spends a great deal of time working out, practicing his martial arts, and training with the Titans. He is fairly meticulous, if only when it comes to his job; he keeps his crime files well-organized, and puts a lot of effort into making sure his costumes, weapons, and R-cycle are clean, shiny, and in good repair.

In his downtime, Robin is a fairly normal teenager. He enjoys sports, video games, television, action flicks, rap music, and pizza. He has an excellent sense of fun, and an excellent sense of humor. He is, however, a bit emotionally stunted, and easily becomes extremely embarrassed in romantic situations… a fact that Starfire finds frustrating, and the other Titans find hilarious.

Strengths: First and foremost, Robin is one of the best natural athletes ever born. He is remarkably strong for his size, and his agility is unmatched. He is capable of incredible acrobatic feats, and is fast enough to catch an arrow mid-flight. His natural abilities were enhanced by years of rigorous training with the Batman, under whom he studied multiple martial art styles. Added to this are years of combat experience, making Robin a formidable opponent against pretty much anyone. Case in point: Robin can and has fought all four of his super-powered teammates at once, and won.

In addition to his physical proficiency Robin has a sharply intelligent mind, which has also been honed to a diamond edge under Batman’s tutelage. He has great skill as a detective, strategist, and problem-solver. His mind has a strong scientific bent, and he enjoys and excels in physics, engineering, electronics, and computer science; he designs and builds his own weaponry and equipment, and is a fairly excellent hacker.

Robin is proficient in the use of a wide range of high-tech equipment. In addition, he is extremely capable on a motorcycle, and is an excellent pilot in a jet, spacecraft, or submersible.

Finally, there is one area in which Robin excels where Batman doesn’t; he works well with other people and is a natural-born leader. He trusts in his teammates, knows how to coordinate their efforts and balance their strengths and weaknesses so that they work as a cohesive unit, and excels at maintaining good morale. (Due to living in Titans Tower and having to fend for himself, he’s also a better cook than Batman, but let’s not go there.)

Weaknesses: Robin may be an exceptional human, but when you get right down to it, he is only human, and a young one at that. Robin can make mistakes, he can doubt himself, he can succumb to fear or stress. His feelings for the people he loves can be used against him. He can be injured, he can fall prey to fatigue or exhaustion. And he can be killed.

Special abilities: None; Robin has no meta-human ability.

Inventory: Due to his world’s unique interpretation of physics, Robin is able to keep a ridiculous amount of items in his utility belt. Robin carries the following items with him at all times: telescoping quarterstaff, which also morphs into tonfa; audio-visual radio communicator and tracking device; eight standard, cutting Birdarangs; expandable sword Birdarang; eight each of impact-explosive discs, spheres, and Birdarangs; large explosive; adhesive timed-charge explosive; adhesive timed-discharge electric shock “bomb”; adhesive impact-discharge electric shock disc; eight each of smoke-bomb discs and spheres; eight flash-bangs; eight fire-retardant gas bombs; eight ice discs; “sticky bomb” disc; close-proximity computer virus download device; two powered grappling hooks; classic grappling hook; twenty meters of rope; two bolos; weighted net; blowtorch; lock-picking/electronics probe; handcuffs; high-tech binoculars with motion-activated targeting and zoom functions; flashlight; and breath-mint spray. Robin also keeps a lock pick in the index finger of his right glove.

History: Richard John “Dick” Grayson was born on March 21, the son of John and Mary Grayson, a couple of young aerialists. As a child, Dick was a circus acrobat in the Haley’s Circus, joining his parents as part of the act “The Flying Graysons”. A gangster named Tony Zucco was extorting money from Mr. Haley, the owner of the circus. When Haley refused to pay, Zucco sabotaged the trapeze wires. During the next performance, the trapeze used by Dick’s parents snapped, and they fell to their deaths. Bruce Wayne, sympathetic to Dick’s situation as he had lost his own parents to criminals, adopted Dick as his legal ward. After Bruce’s alter-ego Batman was revealed to Dick, Bruce trained him and allowed him to join him in crime-fighting under the guise of Robin, and eventually helped him to bring down Zucco.

Batman and Robin lived and worked together for several years, and their mentor/student relationship developed into a strong father/son bond. However, Batman eventually decided that having Robin as a partner was a liability, and “fired” him. Robin cut ties with Batman and left Gotham City for Jump City on the West Coast.

Robin intended to work solo, but shortly after his arrival in Jump City, a crisis occurred. A Gordanian ship was passing near Earth when a Tamaranean girl named Starfire, held captive on the ship, broke out from her holding cell. The Gordanians were holding her as a prize to be given as a servant to the Citadel. She escaped to Earth, where, angry and afraid, she attempted to break the shackles on her wrists; consequently, she laid waste to a small part of the city, damaging buildings and threatening human lives. Robin fought her, and was joined by Beast Boy, Cyborg, and Raven. The battle was escalating when Raven suggested fighting was not the answer. Robin cautiously approached Starfire, using a lockpick to free her from her shackles. She kissed him (learning English through lip contact), warned him to leave her alone, and flew off. Robin was about to follow her and determine whether she was a threat when the Gordanian ship entered Earth’s atmosphere above the city, dropping a holographic projector onto an island in the bay. The Gordanian leader, Lord Trogaar, announced that they were hunting a dangerous escaped prisoner, commanded that no one interfere in their search for her, and warned that if anyone tried to assist her, they would destroy the city. An army of Gordanians began to search the city, causing a great deal of damage. Beast Boy, Cyborg, and Raven joined Robin in tracking Starfire down; they convinced her that they meant no harm, and she told them her story. Robin and the others decided to help her, and together they fought off a group of Gordanians. Trogaar, enraged, aimed a particle weapon at the city, preparing to vaporize it. Raven transported the group of young heroes onto the Gordanian ship using her dark energy powers, and together they defeated the Gordanians and crashed the ship. Starfire decided to stay on Earth, and Robin and Cyborg designed communicators so the new friends could keep in touch, and call for assistance when they needed it.

This loose partnership rapidly developed into a close-knit crime-fighting team, under Robin’s leadership. Calling themselves the Titans, they built Titans Tower on the island where they had defeated the Gordanians; the T-shaped structure served as a home and headquarters, a base of operations from which they monitored the city.

Over the following months the Titans fought dozens of criminals, foiling countless plots. They saved the city, the world, even the universe on multiple occasions, coming up against supervillains such as Slade, Brother Blood and the H.I.V.E. Academy, the demon Trigon, and the Brotherhood of Evil. The Titans met and befriended many other young heroes, creating a global network of honorary Titans and establishing a second group of Titans, Titans East, in Steel City.

As the Titans lived and fought together, their personalities grew and developed, and their friendship strengthened. Robin and Starfire’s relationship grew in a romantic direction, with both teens developing strong feelings for the other. Their relationship remained tenuous and undefined for months, with both of them feeling awkward and inexperienced. Robin in particular felt uncomfortable discussing his feelings for Starfire or permitting himself to become involved in a romantic relationship, feeling that it would be a distraction from their work as heroes. While on a mission in Tokyo, Robin finally relented, realizing that his feelings for her were too important to ignore, and they kissed.

One week later, while watching the sunrise from the top of Titans Tower, Robin blinked… and found himself in a strange place…


This is a roleplaying journal for aphelion_rpg and x_villainous_x by zolac_no_miko.
Dick Grayson, Robin, and Teen Titans are © DC Entertainment Inc. and Warner Bros. Entertainment.
All content is fictional and for entertainment purposes only, not for profit.
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