Feb. 10th, 2010

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Church's got a good idea. Not sure how to summarize reality, or what would be relevant, but I'll try.

Back home, for me, it's 2006. I come from Earth, which is pretty much your only choice, if you're human. There have been a few attempted alien invasions, none ultimately successful.

On my Earth, crimefighting, peacekeeping, and the repelling of hostile alien or otherwise nefarious forces are largely the endeavors of costumed superheroes: humans, metahumans, extraterrestrials, and extradimensionals. We're essentially vigilantes working outside the law, but many individuals and groups such as the Justice League and the Teen Titans work closely with the lawful government, from local police forces on up to the United Nations. ...I'm explaining this only because I've gathered from talking to Church and Tex that superheroes are not an important part of planetary defense and law enforcement where they come from. Not sure if that's the same for the rest of you. And I'm not sure what else might differ from any of your worlds.

As for me... I'm an American. I trained under and worked with Batman in Gotham City, New York, for several years. ...Not sure if that means anything to any of you. For a little over a year I've lived in Jump City, California, where I lead the Titans. We're a team of young superheroes with private and government sponsorship.

Not sure what else to say. Regarding group meals, Sam Carter suggested we eat dinner together, and take turns cooking dinner in pairs. I think it's a good idea, but haven't had a chance to discuss it with anyone else. We'd have to revise the work schedule to free up more time at the end of the day, but I don't see anything wrong with that. Let's talk about this.


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